Rubies from our mines in Montepuez, Mozambique, bear comparison with the legendary rubies of Mogok, Burma. In vivid hues from intense red to purplish red and orangey red, FURA rubies also have strong fluorescence with the glow, giving them the brilliance and luster of the rare Burmese gems of yesteryear. These unique features make our rubies highly desirable.

Unlike, the decades old classic source of Mogok in Burma which is known for producing high quality rubies in a very small quantity, FURA’s mines are placed in a unique position to consistently supply very high and premium quality rubies in significant quantities. FURA’s Mozambique ruby mine is also the source of the Largest, the Finest and the Rarest Gem quality rough ever found.

FURA’s ruby deposits are over 475 million years older than those of Burma, and the Montepuez region has the largest deposits found in decades, anywhere in the world.